The precise skill for functional perfection


Metal spinning is a highly-skilled engineering process used to create strong and symmetrical metal products for any industry that requires precision and consistent quality.

Discs or tubes of metal are spun on a high-speed lathe which the Metal Spinner uses various spinning tools to form a perfect, seamless shape over a mandrel to the customers spec. Material thickness can be maintained, and the strength and rigidity of the metal is retained..

Metal spinning is the best way to form round parts for any commercial application and the finished products not only have a distinctive beauty that is highly valued by designers, but also a unmatched functionality prized by engineers.

Why use Metal Spinning?

Metal Spinning has advantages, for example where pressing is concerned tooling is very expensive and sometimes complex due to needing both a male and female former. Spinning on the other hand requires just one male former at a fraction of the price, therefore is far more viable on smaller batch quantities

Our product size capacity ranges from 0.2mm to 3mm in thickness and up to 1250mm/4ft in diameter.

metal spinning lathe
Metal Spinning