Lighting & Lampshades

It's happened by accident, but we've become experts at making beautiful metal lampshades. We're often approached by individual clients looking for beauty and British craftsmanship, but also by interior designers, working for commercial clients - often in retail, hospitality and catering. 

Recently were commissioned to spin ten bespoke steel lampshades for a new Body Shop outlet (pictured above) and we've been approached by more and more retail store designers, looking for striking-looking light fittings that are both robust and cost-effective.

We've also recently shipped several dozen stunning copper lampshades for a large private home and are now working on a project that will be silver plate on hand-spun brass. Steel, brass and copper all look great with just our high-grade polished finish, but most metals make a great canvas for any finish you can think of, from paint and lacquers to fabrics and even glass. 

We've lost count how many different lampshades we've spun over the years, but they're a product that we love making so if you'd like to commission a unique design, or a copy of something you've seen, please do get in touch.

Click on any of the images below to see a bigger picture and there's a video here showing how we spin a copper lampshade.