We do a lot of work for people who are restoring vintage vehicles and who need replacement parts that are no longer made or available. From hubcaps to exhaust pipes we always enjoy the challenge, but when Tim Majors contacted us about his re-build project we were delighted to help.

Tim needed a part for a Spitfire. Not a Triumph, but a plane. The word iconic is used too much these days, but R.J. Mitchell's elegant interceptor is fully deserving of that title.

Designed and built throughout the war in Woolston and Hamble less than twenty miles from Calibre's workshops in Hampshire, the Spitfire is one of the most recognizable and beautiful fighter planes ever flown.  Everyone knows of its role in the Battle of Britain and so it was a real privilege to create the plane's nose cone.

Tim provided the dimensions and a sketch from which Kevin drew up full-sized plans so we could calculate the quantities of steel needed.  From that Kevin created the wooden form on a lathe, around which the steel could be spun.  Although it was a precise and special job, the work was quite straightforward and after intensive polishing it was delivered to a delighted customer at his home in Cornwall.  The restoration is now finished and the Spitfire is complete once again.  We hope we can do another in the future.

If you're restoring a car, bike, boat or a classic fighter plane and need a special part - give us a call.