Bespoke Lagonda Wheel Covers

No spares, no worries.

We love it when people come to us with a real challenge, and building a new set of wheel rims for a 1939 Lagonda vintage car was right up there.

Lagondas were beautiful British-built sports cars that had their heyday in the post war years, and this extremely rare classic, V12 4.5 litre Rapide was being painstakingly restored by an Oxfordshire company that usually specialized in steam engines.

The Lagonda marque was bought by Aston Martin in the Sixties and merged into the iconic brand, where it is still built to order for the world’s hyper-elite.

Unfortunately very little by way of manuals and drawings for the thirties Lagondas survived the move and there were certainly no spares that the Calibre team could work from.

Having no original blueprints to work from it took a huge amount of skill to create four identical wheel covers from scratch.

Kev took on the custom job and started by drawing up the customer's sketch to full size,  to draw up a plan of the covers that they could work from. Because the wheel covers had to fit the old rims and locking spinners, as well as be subject to all the stresses of fast motoring, accuracy was vital.

From the schematics, Kevin assembled a wooden (MDF) Former around which the aluminium could be spun and shaped.  Because there were so many unknowns to the project he had to send the “first off” as a sample back to the client’s Chipping Norton workshop for their approval and adjustments.

Once everyone was happy with the design and the sample, Kev spun the four new wheel covers from aluminium, polished them to concours standard and sent them off to a very happy customer.

If you need a new part built from scratch, please give us a call.

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